Why use self-selection or self organizing ways to form teams?

Well, eventhough you are exceptionel clever nobody can handle all that complexity of organizing +130 people into 16 scrum teams better than collective using every brain in he room in a joint force to crack this problem. That is what happens when you choose to let people self-select.

Students at ITU Copenhagen are simply fantastic 🙂

Besides handling the complexity part you get more stable teams faster, more motivated teams members and committed teams that lean towards each ready to compromise for making the team to work better or as put as a fifth value in the agile manifesto!

Team collaboration over individual achievements

At ITU Copenhagen we agreed to set the boundaries at;

Team size 6 +/- 3 persons

1 scrum master

16 teams

And some of the soft boundaries were focussing on the relationship between the students as the primary parameter and secondary calender gymnastic since the students only are working half time on this class.

Other parameters to consider was the areas of interest and wishes for learning objectives within this semester.

Great job by the self-selection workshop facilitators

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